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Membership Management Software Capabilities

membes Association Management Software comes packed with everything you need to manage your Association integrated into one seamless platform.
No expensive add-on modules, or custom development. A platform that just works.

Integrated Website & Membership Database

membes single database solution

Many organisations still pursue the avenue of a separate CRM and website. This disconnect between systems creates a disconnect or even loss of potential data. membes helps you leverage your data using a single point of truth database with interactive front-facing portals for your members and stakeholders (i.e. your website) to an intuitive and easy to use management and analysis portal (i.e. your administrative 'back-end'). This increased connectivity leads to improved reporting, insights, and more targeted communications based on data collected. Ensuring your association continues to remain relevant to its users and stakeholders.

Integrated membes cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Membership and Association Management



separate website, events & membership database software

The choice of a separate CRM and separate website might appear initially attractive and cost-effective, but ultimately is a missed opportunity and usual leads to higher costs over time. Because of the increased complexity involved, disparate or silo-ed systems will often stay stagnant or degrade over time leading to decreased security, reliability, upgradeability, productivity and members disengagement.

Non-integrated member CRM, events, communications, education and website (CMS) software


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