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Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Effective Communication with and Increased Engagement of your Stakeholders delivers growth to your Association and reduced workload for your staff

For an Association to remain Relevant and Engaged with its members in a world overflowing with information, it needs to take advantage of all possible technical advantages it can. membes SaaS delivers Enterprise Grade Engagement Capabilities using current best practice and leveraging the latest in software standards.


Integrated, Mobile Responsive, Touch Compatible, Enterprise Grade Website.

membes comes with a full integrated, Mobile Responsive, Enterprise Grade, Website and Content Management System. The integrated web builder tools mean that you have full and real time control over all aspects of your website, content, design and database related workflows. All plugins including Discussion Forums, Events Calendar, Groups Portals, eCommerce and much more available to be switched on as needed. Your site comes with a professional and clean design out of the box, with the addition of tools for a professionals designer of your choice to take your sites design as far as you like.

Segmented and Targeted Communications to deliver Relevant and Engaging content to your Members

Because membes is a fully integrated system, all data related to activities (Events attended, Renewal dates, learning activities, SIG activity etc..) carried out by and for your stakeholders is recorded within this single system. This centralization of historical and activity related data creates a very accurate profiling of each of your stakeholders. This profiling, integrated with purpose built Communications and Reporting tools provides for a clearer picture of what information your organisations stakeholders find relevant and making it easy for you to get that relevant information to them.

Discussion Forums to enable your members to share ideas, network and communicate with piers

A major purpose for Professional Associations existing is to provide easy access to the latest news, trends, developments and sector insights. The greatest source of these insights is the industry and your members Piers. The membes AMS provides your members with quality discussion forums to allow them to ask each other questions, offer each other insights and knowledge on a scale not possible by just your organisation. Your Associations health relies on it becoming a community of it's members, and effective Discussion forums are critical for achieving this.

Groups Portals for Boards, Committees and SIG's for private discussions, events and file sharing

A Professional Association contains sub groups. Whether it be The Board, a Conference Committee, State Branch, or even your Staff. How effectively an Association grows and achieves its strategic objectives and milestones is linked directly to how effectively these Groups can work together. The membes Groups Portals makes it very easy to create any number of "Groups" for your organisations. Groups can be configured with members, Administrators, self opt in or invite only. Once a "Group" is created, members of that group have access to a Private Group only Events Calendar to see and register for Group specific Events, Discussion Forums for that Group, and a File Repository for storing, sharing and accessing Groups Specific documents such as Policies, Agendas etc..

Integrated member focused mobile App allowing greater cut through and access to your members

A modern, Mobile Responsive Website is critical in maximising Engagement with your stakeholders. However, increasingly (particularly among millennials), your audience is interacting with the world and accessing information through mobile Apps. We experience it ourselves that we have so many sources information vying for our attention. For a growing number of your stakeholders, the only way you are going to get your message to them is by having an App installed on their phone.
The membes platform provides a fully integrated App branded specifically for your Association, mobile App that your members can download to their phone. They can login with their standard website login to access events, news, discussions and update their profile. And most importantly you can send push notifications as needed direct to their phone, ensuring your message is not lost in their email inbox or buried in one of the many websites they never get time to visit.

Fully Automated and Scheduled emails for all key administrative tasks

membes is all about Automating as many key tasks as possible. This includes scheduled emails in relation to Joining Approvals, Renewal Notices, Event Reminders, News Notifications and more. You are a hub of key industry information for your members and automating the dissemination of this information is key to growing your member value while reducing admin workload. Automated emails can be configured and customized to your needs to ensure they look as personal as possible.

Surveys and Polls

membes comes with an Integrated Surveys and Polling module. Easily setup and publish Public or Private (member only) surveys and polls. View results of the survey in agregated form with exportable graphs and data visualisation of the results as well as results linked to a profile so you can see what your members and stakeholders have submitted for each Survey.

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