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The Executive and Board

Being a Single Point of Truth System, membes brings a range of benefits to the Day to Day Management, Decision Making Processes, Planning and Operation of an Association.

The membes platform brings a range of benefits to not only a modern, progressive and Professional Association, but also to it's Executive and Board. It does through through ensuring key reports and statics are easily accessible for accursed and informed decision making, as well as tools for increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

For the Executive and Board

Reduced and Contained ongoing Technology costs.

membes has been developed from the ground up on modern Cloud, Software as a Service Architecture. A very important point is that membes is not just SaaS pricing model applied to a legacy platform, but the technology and architecure of membes is based on true Software as a Service methodologies. This means that both upfront and ongoing costs have been both significantly reduced as well as fixed and predictable. You can know up front how much the software is going to cost you with certainty that it is not going to creep up. And the true SaaS licencing model means that you can know and plan for fixed, knownd and predictable monthly costs.

Centralized data provides Important, On Demand insights through Dashboard Reports

Because membes is a holistic, Single Point of Truth system, all activity that your members, prospective members and other stakeholders carry out is recorded in one location. This means that membes can produce very insightful graphs and reports showing you the status and trends of your membership and stakeholder base. Easily view how your membership is growing or shrinking, where it is changing geographically, by membership type and more. View financial breakdowns of what each membership type is doing in areas of activity, spend and growth. What revenue streams are growing or generating most income and much, much more ...

Data Mining capabilities for deep and customized Analytics of your Members and Organisation

Dashboard reports are great for a snapshot of your Organisations status, but you need to be able to periodically dig deep into your data to obtain greater and more customized reports and analytics. membes provides very powerful segmentation of your stakeholder data, which can then be pased through to a range of Data Visualisation mediums or even exported for further analysis by data professionals or used in dedicated reporting and data analysis tools.

Unlimited Administrators increases broad Staff efficiencies while reducing costs

membes allows creating of any number of Administrators. Administrators can also be restricted to only access parts of the system that they need to. So not only can your Administration staff be able to easily access data and leverage automation of work flows, but any other provider to your organisation such as Book Keeper, web content manager, PCO, Board Members and more can login to your system to carry our their desired tasks directly. This provides a significant reduction costly double handling and human error.

Automation of key workflows significantly reduces Administration Costs.

Automation of key processes is no longer a nice to have. For any organisation to remain viable into the future, it must reduce operational costs through Automation of key tasks and processes. membes has been developed specifically for Associations and inline with tasks Associations must perform around Membership Joining and Renewals, Communications, Event Registration and Management, Education and CPD etc. membes has automation of these key Association Administration and Operation tasks built right in, meaning they are highly configurable, evolved and stable.

Increased Member Retention and Growth through greater Member Engagement and Increased Value Propositions to Stakeholders.

An Associations primary purpose is to provide value to it's members. Training, Community building, Education, Events and Industry news are just some examples of where an Association must provide value to it's membes. The membes platform has been designed to increase opportunities in providing value to your current and prospective members via technology that allows scalable delivery of these services while reducing Delivery and Operational Costs.

Reduced Risks.

membes requires comparatively minimal upfront and ongoing cost commitments. membes does not require a fixed term contract (if it isn't working out, you can leave at any time!). membes has been developed specifically for Associations (no square pegs in round holes). membes Open Ecosystem means you are not locked into using one Designer, Trainer and other related support staff. It has been developed on the back of over 15 years of working very closely with Australian Associations. All these factors and more mean that the risks Associated with setting your Association up on membes are Minimal at worst.

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