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Membership Retention and Growth

Increased ease with which members can Join & Renew, coupled with increased opportunities and tools for you to offer more value to members.

Associations need to be increasingly active in ensuring their members see value in being a part of their organisation. Expansion of Online processes and services are an integral part of increasing value to members while ensuring costs of delivering this value are kept in check.

Retention and Growth

Easy and Intuitive Online Joining and Renewal Processes

Prospective members can Join, and current members can renew with minimal complexity and effort. Joining and Renewing your members is an important touch point. It is important that this process is as intuitive as possible whie promoting confidence in your stakeholders that you are a professional and modern organisation. The membes Joining and Renewal processes are fully Automated ensuring minimal time required by staff and is available on all devices in a professional and easy to use manner ensuring your members can join and renew without delay or fuss.

Powerful yet easy to navigate Events Calendar and Registration Processes

For most Associations, events and courses provide both a critical revenue stream, as well as an opportunity to show members that you are a modern, progressive and valuable Association. Members Join or stay with an Association for many reasons, but the biggest would be the access to industry insights and training that Association run or promoted events make available. Having a professional, easy to access and use events calendar maximises event registrations while increasing opportunties to attract new members.

Special Interest Group Portals with Discussion Boards, Private Events and File Sharing

Special Interest Groups within an Association provide opportunities for members to develop skill and expand their industry networks. They are also a vital part of the growth and long term health of an Association. How effectively the Board, Event Committees, Education Committees and other SIG's can communicate and exchange ideas and information has a direct impact on their effectiveness in helping the Association meet key strategic objectives and milestones. membes includes a Powerful Groups Portal module which allows such groups to have a private and secure portal for Group Specific Events, Discussions, File Repository and Project Management tools to help them run effectively and with success.

Education and learning through LMS Integration and CPD Tracking

Along with events, providing education opportunities to members ensures they have access to tangible value and benefits from being a member of your organisation. A Professional Associations members operate in an ever changing environment requiring ongoing education and learning if they are going to stay on top of their career and responsibilities. membes provides a range of tools to add significant value to members through Online Learning and Self Education as well as being able to track and report on their CPD Activities back to their employer or accreditation body.

Searchable, Public or Private Directories of Members, Suppliers and more

If your members provide a service to the public, or to each other, providing a lead generation tool is a valuable offering. membes allows setup and configuration of any number of searchable and filterable Directories. These can be a Directories of your members to the general public, or a Directory of Service Providers to your members.

Collaboration tools to help members exchange information and ideas while building industry connections

Associations are first and foremost about providing opportunities to network with and exchange information between piers and industry related organisations. membes comes with a broad range of tools to assist an Association in providing basic and core capabilities around Member Networking and Exchanging Ideas and information. From Private and Public Discussions, SIG Portals, Surveys and Polls, Learning and Education and much more. membes is has been developed specifically to enable Professional Associations in their endeavours to enable and provide value to it's members.

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