membes for
Secretariats and Association Managers

Increase services to your association customers while decreasing overheads through standardisation, automation and self servicing.

The membes AMS has been developed specifically for Associations. It contains integrated, purpose built automations and workflows that increase operational efficiency, while decreasing operational costs.

Add to that standardisation, full documentation and online training tools, membes creates a broad range of opportunities for secretariats. Deliver greater benefits to your customers, all while minimising the opportunity for errors and reducing the cost of delivering those benefits.

Comprehensive training and full documentation

membes is A fully documented, complete with video tutorials, to assist your staff in maxmimising your usage of the platform. With a full suite of on-demand online training courses available, you can ensure your staff are operating at peak efficiency.

Self configurable

Each of your customers has a unique way of operating with their own set of requirements. membes AMS is highly configurable out of the box and can be easily configured by your team without assistance from external providers or developers.

Standardised system

Servicing multiple customers on different custom systems can cause a lot of headaches. Having one system for multiple clients means your staff can move between customers with easy and become experts on one system.

Support for your team

The membes platform is easy to use, and once your staff have obtained a good working knowledge of the platform, will rarely require assistance. However, if and when they do need assistance, the membes support team is there to help your team where needed.

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