Engage with your Members

Are you making use of modern technology and software to engage with your members? The options available are easier and less expensive than you might think.


Many organisations seem like they’ve only just crawled out of the dark ages by moving away from spreadsheets to now, perhaps something a little more automated and cloud-based. You’ve probably just discovered how targeted you can be with emails once you pool all your member data into a centralised and holistic system.

Where once your association data was spread across multiple spreadsheets or multiple software tools - combining membership, events, surveys, and other web forms into an Association Management Software (AMS) platform you can quickly identify warm leads, proactive members and deliver content to interested users.

However, email isn’t the only tool, especially for younger users. More and more the younger generation are buried in their phones, checking social media, downloading apps or playing games but avoiding newsletters or ‘spamy’ emails. Modern AMS platforms like Membes can engage with Membes across a variety of mediums including email, SMS or through your own branded Association Mobile App.

Members can download their own mobile app for your association, update their profile information, post to forums but also receive push notifications directly to their mobile around the latest association news or events. Opening up a whole new level of communication and how you can engage with your members.

Effectively building and growing your association means you need to efficiently collect, store and measure member data, leverage that data to create relevant content, and making sure that content is delivered to members through effective communication tools. An integration and branded mobile app will help increase your communication cut-through.


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