Events require a significant amount of dedication and resources to organise – however running events through your Association Management System (AMS) can make life a little easier for your events team.

Simple tasks can be automated and more information can be gathered to enable your team to put together events of interest and seamlessly manage the event from beginning to end.

Below are four ways an AMS can support event management and planning:

1. Easy registration process

A quality AMS will have a user-friendly registration system that will allow your team to set up the registration form; including custom fields such as dietary requirements which can be automatically added to member profiles and auto-filled each time they register for an event.

It offers other personalised registration perks including different tiered pricing depending on membership category, early bird specials and other discounts.

All of the data that is collected is then updated on individual profiles automatically and remembered for next time – saving registrants time and also staff as they don’t need to intervene in the purchase process.

2. Streamlining event planning

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to organising events so having a central place for the information and being able to track where planning is up to is critical to event success. An AMS can support you with this by streamlining the set up of your event and also offering other useful tools for event planning, scheduling communications and resource allocation.

3. Tracking registrations

With your AMS leading the event management you will be able to see who of your contacts has read the promotional enewsletters, who has clicked and who has registered. This is valuable as you can segment your communications list to exclude those who have already registered to prevent them receiving irrelevant emails asking them to register. It also works in reverse sending communications to those who have already registered with specific event details or new information.

This data can also be used post event to better understand what topics are of interest to your different member segments e.g. are student members interested in topics about setting up a business.

4. Comprehensive intel reporting

Once the event is over your AMS will support you in creating a detailed report of the event allowing you to identify trends and key areas for improvement. The data you can include in your report is extensive from how many people registered, how many of those registered actually attended, demographics of those who attended and more.

This information can be easily shared with the executive team and the Board to show the effectiveness of events or the areas that need additional attention or resources to improve.

An AMS really is your event team’s key to success as it gives them full visibility, streamlines the registration process and provides invaluable analytics to support with future events. It really is the one-stop-shop for your events and will support your team in elevating their results to achieve your Association’s goals.

By Membes | 5 September 2023