Save time, create a better member experience, increase revenue, continue to improve efficiency and grow your organisation.

Why Membes

Integrate all of your essential functions

Membes has been developed specifically for associations and industry bodies. The culmination of 20 years’ experience developing software for associations, and over 5 years of dedicated development into the Membes platform. The ready-made Membes AMS delivers and integrates all of the essential functions that associations need.

Future proof your technology and investment

As a 100% SaaS (Software as a Service) product, Membes will future proof your investment by removing the need for replacement or a costly upgrade in 5 years’ time. As with all SaaS products, regular updates to the platform are included as part of your monthly licence fee. You can look to the future knowing you are guarded against outdated software and unknown expenses.

Improve your organisational efficiency through automation

Standardising and automating key operational functions is key in improving an organisation’s efficiencies and lowering costs while increasing member value. Membes automates key tasks in a way that is simple to setup, configure and maintain.

Increase your member offerings

The importance of finding new ways to provide value to members is greater than ever. Implementing new ideas can be risky and cost-prohibitive, but the Membes ecosystem provides a broad scope of proven services to increase members with minimal cost or investment risk.

Diversify your revenue streams

Member based organisations need to diversify revenue streams to thrive in the future. Membes includes a range of modules designed to create new revenue streams in high value areas like learning and professional development, membership add-ons, eCommerce, payment methods and more.

In-depth reporting, insights and trend analysis

Membes provides a broad range of intelligent dashboards and reports giving your organisation the insights necessary for decision-making and strategic goal setting. These provide critical information for your management team and board in understanding current and emerging trends within your organisation and membership.

Ensure your staff know how to get the most from the system

The best software in the world is useless if your staff don’t have the knowledge to use it effectively. Membes is fully documented with a detailed user guide, hours of video tutorials and online training courses your staff can reference or complete as needed.

Fully customisable extensions via an open API

It is no longer considered best practice for a medium sized organisation to maintain customised software with the benefits of SaaS software by far outweighing a customised solution. Whilst Membes is as SaaS platform, the open API allows development of custom extensions and plugins to ensure your organisation can take full advantage of whatever unique opportunities come your way.

Feel confident your data and system is secure and protected

Membes takes data security and privacy very seriously. While we don’t like to expose too much information in relation to infrastructure and processes relating to the security of Membes (as this information can empower the very people we are trying to protect the system from), you can be assured Membes invests in the highest protections possible.


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