Did you know there are 4 billion daily email users? Effective communication is the lifeblood of any association, fostering member engagement and attracting new members. Despite the rise of social media, email remains a cornerstone of communication strategies.  

The Enduring Strength of Email  

Email has endured because of its convenience and universal access. Anyone with an internet connection can send and receive messages regardless of their device or platform. Social media, while great for networking, isn’t appropriate for sensitive information or formal business communications. 

Email communication offers several key benefits that have contributed to its enduring popularity: 

  • Direct Reach: Messages land directly in inboxes, ensuring timely delivery of crucial information, event updates, and exclusive member benefits. 
  • Accessibility Advantage: Members can access content at their convenience, on any device, promoting flexibility and engagement. 
  • Targeted Impact: Segmentation based on interests, location, or membership level allows for personalized content that resonates and fosters a sense of belonging. 
  • Nurturing Potential: Targeted email campaigns for prospective members build brand awareness, showcase value propositions, and pave the way for successful recruitment.  

AI: The Efficiency Booster 

By combining email with the power of AI associations can streamline workflows and deliver personalised and targeted messages to diverse audience. AI is a powerful supplement, not a replacement. 

Leveage AI to improve your efficiency with: 

  • Drafting Assistance: When drafting an email, sometimes you want a friendly or conversational tone, other times you need a more formal, professional tone. You can instruct AI tools to use a particular tone when generating draft emails tailored to specific audiences, saving valuable time while maintaining a professional tone. 
  • Subject Line Savvy: Would you open an email with a subject line "Winter Updates" or "Winter Wonders: Unwrap the Latest Updates and Surprises!" Overcome headline hurdles with AI suggestions that pique interest and maximise email open rates. 
  • Grammar Guardian: Eliminate typos and awkward phrasing with AI's robust grammar-checking capabilities, ensuring polished and professional communication.  

Membes is bringing AI to customers 

Associations can be particularly admin heavy when it comes to responding to and servicing members. The Membes team are keen to help our users reduce this burden.  

Just imagine, when a member enquiry is received, the team create a reply, AI will then register this response and be able to answer all future enquiries about renewals based on how your staff responded. Your staff will have the opportunity to review and approve responses before they are sent out and make any necessary changes. Over time, the AI model will build up a library of suitable responses. 

This type of intelligence will be a huge opportunity to save on admin time for Associations, particularly around commonly received enquiries. It will also streamline the resources required and create better consistency across how you engage with your members. 

By Membes | 3 March 2024