Case study: The Association Specialists

By Membes | 24 January 2024

The Association Specialists (TAS) serve a diverse range of Associations, with Megan Ogier, Director of Performance helping clients navigate the challenges of membership management and digital presence. With a focus on streamlining processes and enhancing member experiences, TAS sought a solution that could address the unique needs of some of their clients.

Challenges faced

  • Manual processes: Many Associations managed their memberships manually or on spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Outdated websites: Clients faced issues with outdated websites that they struggled to update and administer.
  • Limited payment options: Some Associations only accepted payments via EFT or cheques, causing inconvenience for members.

Implementation of Membes

  • Website revamp: Membes not only streamlined member management but also facilitated a website overhaul. The system transformed the cumbersome process of updating content on Associations’ websites.
  • Integration and automation: Membes automated membership renewal processes, previously taking 4-5 hours, now with the new system it has resulted in faster and higher renewal rates. It also facilitated seamless event registration, saving time for Associations that used manual written forms and credit card details.

Unique features and benefits

  • User-friendly experience: Membes simplified the user experience with features like email-based access for bookings and renewals, eliminating the need for members to log in.
  • Flexibility: Unlike overly complicated systems or modular ones with duplication issues, Membes offered a flexible solution tailored to Australian Associations' diverse needs.
  • Reporting and dashboards: The intuitive reporting tools, dashboards, and live graphs provided a comprehensive snapshot for boards and committees, aiding informed decision-making.
  • CPD tracking: Membes provided CPD tracking functionality, a crucial feature that allows TAS’s Associations to allocate and track points for maintaining accreditation.

Training and support

  • Ease of use: Megan highlighted the fantastic training resources available, emphasising the simplicity of understanding Membes without jargon.
  • Support documentation: The robust support documentation, including video training, facilitated a smooth learning curve for users.

Controlled access levels

  • Administrative control: TAS could control access levels, ensuring autonomy for users without compromising sensitive information. For example, State groups could organise events without accessing membership fee information.

Megan praised Membes as a flexible and easy-to-use system that not only modernises the Association's website and therefore the look and feel, but significantly improves the overall member experience.

"Membes Association Management System is a game-changer for Associations. Its flexibility and user-friendly interface creates a fresh and modern Association experience. The system has not only saved time for our clients but also elevated their member engagement. I highly recommend Membes to organisations seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their association management needs." Megan Ogier, Director of Performance, The Association Specialists

The implementation of Membes by The Association Specialists brought about a revolutionary change in managing Associations, providing tailored solutions to diverse challenges. The combination of website enhancement, streamlined membership processes, and comprehensive reporting positions Membes as a highly recommended Association Management System for organisations aiming to enhance their member experience.

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By Membes | 24 January 2024