membes for
Designers and Developers

Continue to provide your design and development services while your association customers enjoy the benefits of a purpose built Association Management System (AMS).

The scope of capability, automation and integration that associations require from their digital assets continues to grow. It is no longer feasible for an association to be running its operations on generic systems such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla.

Digital agencies are finding their association customers increasingly dissatisfied with their existing websites and old-fashioned administration system. However, agencies know the cost of developing a custom solution to meet these needs is beyond the budget of the customer.

Website Design

membes is the perfect platform for digital agencies to develop an association’s website. With complete access to all front-end design elements (CSS, JS and custom JS libraries), the agency has all of the necessary tools available to implement their design objectives.

Meanwhile, the association is using the same system with fully integrated administration capabilities. This allows the association to administer their organisation, interact with members and grow their organisation through a broad suite of tightly integrated modules developed specifically for associations.

Custom Extensions

membes comes with everything the average association needs to improve operations and increase membership. However, sometimes an association has a particular use case unique to their organisation. With the membes Open API and web hooks, developers can build custom components (controlled entirely by you) that can be integrated with your customer’s membes instance.

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