Are you regularly updating your website?

Websites are a huge piece of work to create and once developed, they are often left largely untouched.

There are a few reasons why updating your website regularly is important – it is often the first point of call for prospects so supplying the most current information is vital. Secondly, Google’s algorithms reward websites that have content regularly added or updated, providing you with a higher position in Google search. This can increase website traffic and make your website easier to find when searching via Google.

Below we share some of the ways an AMS can help you keep your website up to date with the latest information and some helpful resources to help you maximise the use of your Membes AMS.

Content Management System (CMS)

A quality AMS should be tightly integrated with a CMS which allows you to easily create, edit, and publish content across the different pages on your website. It allows any member of your team to log into the backend of your website and update information as needed, for example: updating your ‘News’ section with the latest blog or media release.

The integrated CMS should also facilitate dynamically passing content from your AMS to your CMS. For example, when an event is created, it should automatically publish this event to all parts of your site that it is relevant.  If you update the parameters of a particular membership type, this should automatically be reflected in the joining processes on your website.  Your website and AMS should be permanently and tightly synced.

Want to learn more about the Membes CMS? Click here to view the User Guide.

Member Management

A key struggle for Associations is keeping member profiles updated with the latest information for members – an AMS will take the burden of updating away from your team. Members will be able to log into your website to view their profile information, make changes to their contact information and easily access member-only content.

A quality AMS / CMS integration will also create a level of engagement and interaction that allows multiple touch points between members and their data ensuring it is always kept up to date without the need for them to specifically login and review their data on file.

When setting up an event, you can setup prompts asking users to check and update their specialisation or qualification levels as part of that registration, which then updates their profile.

This level of self-service is highly regarded by members as they can instantly make updates and access the information they need to without the need to interact with your organisation.

Event Listings

Associations offer a wide range of events throughout the year, particularly for those working in the health, allied health or some professional services that require the completion of CPD or CPE points. This means being able to update the event listing page easily is important to reduce the admin burden on your marketing or events team.

An AMS should also make the registration process easy for your members – difficulty of registration is often a barrier for people registering for events. 

You can learn more about updating the home page and event calendar display in the Membes system here.

Integration is Key

One of the key benefits of an AMS is its ability to integrate with all your platforms from learning management systems, email marketing, community, and payment processing systems to name just a few. This means that any updates you make in these systems can be automatically reflected on your website which makes lighter work for your team as they don’t need to manually input information and it is reflected across all platforms. 

Membes AMS operates as an Open Ecosystem which means you are not locked in to any one provider or integration; you can choose to integrate with any software you prefer – learn more about the different software integrations here.

Updating your website with new content regularly and ensuring the content is relevant to your audience will keep them engaged and provide them with a reason to keep coming back. This will provide you with high web traffic which Google will reward with a strong position in the search pages.

By Membes | 7 August 2023