Can your association afford NOT to be using dedicated association management software?

Definition: An Association Management System (AMS), is software designed specifically for associations, bringing together the functions of membership management, a database, eCommerce, finance, events, communications, website and reporting into one platform.

Association management software (AMS) is designed specially to meet the needs of modern associations. Well designed software will allow you to meet the changing needs of your members with regular updates and the addition of new features. With technology changing so rapidly, can your association afford to keep using old outdated software that doesn’t put the needs of your members at the forefront?

Work smarter, not harder

Modern software allows you to streamline and automate your administration processes, freeing your staff from mundane tasks like data entry giving them more time to engage directly with members. Consider what your current software allows you to do:

  • Can new members easily join and pay online?
  • Are renewals automated?
  • Can your members update their details online?
  • Do you need separate software to manage your website and events?

A modern AMS will allow you to do all of these things and more in a single software platform, rather than having to train your staff to use multiple platforms.

Traditional vs modern approach

Modern cloud-based software, often referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS, offers more efficient and more cost-effective ways to manage your association. Utilising closely linked modules, a modern AMS doesn’t “silo” your data. Instead, making it easier to access and analyse your data. After all, better reporting equals a better understanding of your members.

Traditionally software development has been a time-consuming and expensive exercise. A modern AMS utilising the SaaS model will reduce the initial capital expenditure required to upgrade your system, as well reducing ongoing costs. In turn, the SaaS model delivers continuous ongoing development and greater stability rather than major (and costly) upgrade cycles. This is made possible because a modern AMS can deliver an economy of scale not possible with traditional custom-designed software.

Future Proof Your Software - Membes

Future proof your software

In the past, integrating your AMS with other software required custom development that was expensive to implement and maintain. Instead of requiring specialist development, a modern AMS offers an application programming interface, or API, to allow easy integration between the software platforms. An API provides opportunities for you to extend the functionality of your AMS without costly development.

With the constant evolution of technology, now more than ever, associations need to ensure they meet the changing needs of their members. Can your association afford NOT to be using dedicated association management software?

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By Membes | 30 March 2023